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Congratulations, random guy!
You found me.

I think it's not that easy to find a profile with no deviations and I guess looking at it isn't very exciting as well.
So if you are lucky enough to find me I guess I have to thank you first that you pay some attention to my profile. Because until today I haven't paied attention to my profile, at all.

One might ask now (idk if you are the one): "But how can you leave your profile so blank if deviantart is all about different aspects of art and also self presentation?"
First, I don't call myself an artistic person. At all. At this point I'd like to quote a sentence from an older DeviantArt survey which I think suits me perfectly.

"No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist." -Oscar Wilde

I spent (and still spend!) simply too much time trying to understand why the world and cosmos is how it is. And the real aim for this account was simply to ask for permissions, leave comments, give feedback and see the adult stuff (restricted access is always so tempting, isn't it? ^^).
Favourites, profile picture, journal entries or even uploading stuff? Not really xD

So when I had a look my profile, just before writing this entry, I realized how sad and blank everything looked. It really bother me and I didn't want to stay a blank person, so I decided to change that!

I even want to show some stuff which I've been working on for some months now. Only teasers, no drawings, no 3D models but other, gamign related things which I don't want to mention anymore here.
Regarding to these "classic" acts of art, I tried both but suck at them. I'm simply far too unpatient and never got satisfied with my results in the end.

On top of that I can only maintain an idea or concept for short untill it is choked from newer thoughts emerging from my mind.
That's favorably when trying to see something from a new perspective or get new ideas, but definitely not when trying to finish one big coherent piece of work.

I know I'm never going to be great at that the mentiond stuff and Oscar Wilde confirmed this thought. When I have no prospects of being great I don't pursue this path.
The world offers so many, nearly infinite possibilities things to choose, all I want is to find a few things out of the many which I am good at and enjoy working on, rather than criticising me over and over again.

So, I may not be an artistic person but I think I've always been a creative person. Which I believe is required when one thinks about the universe to some extend. And old wise Wilde never mentioned creative persons, right?

Also, to be honest I also didn't have anything to show when I created this account in the first place xD
So leaving everything blank was no problem. Actually, it's a bit interesting to reflect my differences to the time I made this account.

Oh, you are still there? I didn't even want this to be that long, all I wanted are some short funny lines and jokes about myself but when I start things they never turn out how I initially planned them and they get a lot bigger than expected. A LOT.

Probably one partial liability also comes from my sleepiness which I'm suffering right now. Things aren't that clear when you decide to write them at half past midnight.

Comments? Hey, would be cool if you didn't fall asleep when reading through my random entry here. Never thought I'd ever get some anyway. I mean for which deviations? xD
Anyway, whoever finds some grammar/mispelling mistakes, please redirect them to somebody who is more awake, I'm going to sleep.

Thanks, cheers and gn8 to whoever decided to read my rather senseless entry to the end :)

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Dreiks Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Moving the comment here not to overflow Harry's comments with unrelated messages.
Me too I can neither code, nor draw, not sure about model (depends on what you mean by it). But i still do a lot of work and learn as I go. We have various people helping and they aren't all skilled in the stuff you mentioned but that doesn't mean that they aren't a great help.
For example, how about equipment? Not to draw them but simply to make a list and write the required details. Think you could do that? It would be a great help and would allow me to do something else in the meantime. Harry would later draw them :)

Andris Celms, Producer and Creative Director of Phoenix Dream
ImaginaryNumb3r Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012
Sorry for the long delay, I only checked his comments ^^
Well, ok I'd do it. I like thinking about stuff like this but could you be a bit more precise?
Something like setting, atmosphere, characters, maybe something refered to the story etc.
When I think about an imaginary world everything should be consistent, I'm sure you know what I mean ^^
Dreiks Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, of course :)
You can take a look at one-pager in our deviantart group which is a one page description of the game. Also if you are sure that you are joining the team then I will need your full real name and e-mail. Once I have those I will give you the access to all our documents.

But in big: Setting: fantasy-mdeieval-technology. Atmosphere: Tragic-humorous. Characters: Various and too many to count down :D Story: the main character searches for revenge and finds herself fighting for the world.(don't worry the base is cliché, but it will differ in the way it's done)
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